My 2017 Writing Challenge

Jessica Abel, the fantastic cartoonist, author, and teacher, is going to finish her book in three months. To make it happen, she's issued a public writing challenge to the Internet. I accept her challenge.

Finishing is hard, and I have a book due in a month. With Trump, a new semester, pesky grant applications, and life, my manuscript has stalled for a week or so and I’m behind schedule! Since I started out the book with a public writing commitment on January 1, 2016 #DiMoWriMo it seems appropriate to end where I began: With another public writing commitment.

Here goes: I commit to writing between 6:00 an 8:15 each morning, and whenever else I can fit in. My deadline: February 17, 2017. Expect daily Facebook and Twitter updates on my progress.

Follow along here, I'll post updates as I'm going along.

Want to join in? Add your name to Jessica’s FB post