Writer’s Diary #20 – The Hard Part can be Everything but the Writing

In the last few weeks, I’ve made progress on the writing that I’m excited about. The introductory chapter is almost finished, I think. Soon I can put it aside for a long time. I’ve been editing a fragment a day and have made some good progress. I look forward to doing another one in a few moments. Editing something, and then finishing works really well. A hit of being done. Yesterday, I even made some progress on a couple of websites. Another victory.

However, last night I had things like work, service, and personal commitments that kept me awake. Lots of little things. Some will take some time, and some won’t take much. But, it’s a firehouse.

What to do?

I’m going to set aside some time for each area to cut tasks and organize what I need to get done. I’ll schedule the tasks for the day, after I’ve written this morning.

Good old time-block planning, and task prioritization.

However, this morning, all after I’m done writing.